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About The Queen

Hi! For those who don't know my I'm Linda, the Trivia Queen. Despite the "Queen" title I'd like to think I'm pretty down to earth and enjoy being social and connecting with people.

I was born and raised in the Huntsville area and absolutely love it here! During the day I'm a manager at a local brewery and have a passion for local beers and business. I currently live with my husband, Sam and American Bulldog, George. I love to travel and am always looking to learn new things.

I like to say I'm living the dream one beer, one trip, one trivia question at a time. 

How it started & How it's going

I first started hosting Trivia in 2020 at Canvas Brewery in Huntsville Ontario as a back up host to another great trivia host. He taught me how to put the different rounds together and where to look for questions. He moved away and I ended up taking over the full time gig at Canvas. 


​Everyone at Canvas have embraced me, my sense of humour and gave me a trivia home, or should I say Castle. The staff and customers have given me a royal residence for weekly Trivia Nights on Thursdays. Here I found my passion for trivia and hosting, I found enjoyment in tricking up the audience and making them laugh at my bad Dad-jokes. 


From there I made connections and have hosted over a hundred different trivia events from online virtual events, charity events, corporate parties, company holiday parties and pub night events


And now, I thought I'd try out being a business owner and spread the brain-teasing fun even further. I'm excited about this new venture, this opportunity to connect with more people and learn new things about business, trivia and hosting. So, if you're looking for a fun way to mix up your next event shoot me an email. 

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